Khmer stylists learned about Japanese Straightening from Mr. Shimizu, the founder of melco HairDesign

Mr. Shimizu, the founder of melco HairDesign, came to BKK1 Phnom Penh salon from Japan to share valuable hair knowledge and techniques with Khmer staffs.

He covered topics such as;
– The differences between Coconut Hair Straightening and other straight perms
– Why Coconut Hair Straightening causes less damage
– How to explain the way to maintain beautiful hair quality to customers

The coconut derived components are compatible with hair proteins, allowing for thorough repair while shaping the hair. As a result, it minimizes damage to the hair, creating sustainable and beautiful hair quality.

Mr. Shimizu emphasized the importance of explaining to customers to maintain beautiful hair quality. By providing detailed explanations about proper home care methods and treatment utilization, customers can prolong the effects of salon treatments.

He shared his specialized hair knowledge to improve the staff’s skills and enhance customer satisfaction. We will continue to prioritize accurate knowledge, reliable techniques, and customer care to support beautiful hair quality.

melco HairDesign
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