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“Change hair quality,
Change your life”

Get your best hair ever with melco!
Hairstyle trends are changing depending on the era, however, there is one concept of beauty that will never change.
It's not about the design of hairstyle, but “the texture of hair itself” like silky-smooth hair.
We continue to conduct specialized research into "hair texture" and have developed techniques
and products that can help all women achieve their ideal hair texture.

Coconut Hair Straightening

Now, low-damage Hair Straightening is a hot topic!!
Coconut Hair Straightening causes 1/10 damage level compared to traditional straight perms,
so even if you repeat our Straightening several times, your hair remains beautiful without being damaged.
Furthermore, since we have melco’s original products that are hair and body-friendly,
no toxic gases are emitted and Coconut Hair Straightening can be performed without wearing a mask.
Even pregnant women can safely undergo our Straightening.

  • 01
    Are you struggling with these problems?
    • Trouble with Curly hair
    • Want to get shining hair
    • Concerned about hair damage
    • Couldn't change your hair with straightened ever
    • Want to be manageable hair
  • 02
    Get your ideal style
    • Save your time hairstyling every morning.
      Having beautiful hair makes it easier to style, and you can curl it with a curling iron to create the hairstyle you want.
      After you get shiny hair by Coconut Hair Straightening, hair coloring also looks more beautiful.
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    Create your impression
    • Don't you think it's beautiful to see someone with shiny and silky hair? According to the well-known Mehrabian's rule, visual impressions account for more than 55% of a person’s impression. It's said that 80% of a person's first impression is determined by their hairstyle, so if your hair is beautiful, your impression will be greatly enhanced.



Customer Case

The biggest advantage of Coconut Straightening is that it doesn't leave your hair in a stiff, crunchy state like traditional straightening treatments. On the flip side, because it doesn't make your hair overly stiff, after six months or more from the last Coconut Straightening session, the natural curls at the roots tend to come down further, requiring the treatment to be applied closer to the ends of the hair.

I often hear questions from customers and fellow hairstylists: "Is the product different?" And I can confidently say, "Yes, of course! The products are different." The techniques are different too. But the most significant difference is the rationale behind straightening curly hair!

Many of you may have heard this in commercials by Biore, but human skin is naturally slightly acidic. Of course, the same applies to our hair. However, the tap water in Okinawa is alkaline, which I believe is not very beneficial for both the skin and hair.